18 m2





Specifically designed to provide maximum habitable space, the bungalows are meant to accommodate 4 people. Whether shaded by the pine trees, nestling along the river or by the beach, all bungalows will provide you with basic comfort and allow you to fully enjoy the campsite’s nature areas.

This kind of accommodation features 2 separate entrances into the single room, which is equipped as follows:

  • One double bed
  • Two bunk beds
  • One large closet
  • One table and 2 benches (may be used both indoors and outdoors)
  • A kitchen corner with shelving, a fridge and a stove with 2 burners

The bungalows are supplied with electricity but not with running water.

Consequently, there are 6 perfectly designed sanitary facilities (with showers, toilets, sinks, wash tubs, mirrors, power outlets, etc.) located near all bungalows

  • Kitchen

  • A double bed

  • 2 bunk beds

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