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20137 Porto-Vecchio

Téléphone : 00 33) 04 95 70 08 98 - Télécopie : (00 33) 04 95 70 41 43

Porto-Vecchio is the closet harbour, and Figari airport is located only 30 km away. There is a daily bus service from Bastia and from Ajaccio to Porto-Vecchio.

Coming from Bastia (about 2 hours):

Take the N198 highway to Lecci, then turn left for the D668 road towards Saint Cyprien, turn right at the first roundabout (D468 road) and continue straight on at the second roundabout. The Golfo Di Sogno Campsite is to your left after about 2 km.

Otherwise, go to La Trinité de Porto-Vecchio, turn left at the roundabout towards Cala Rossa / St Cyprien, follow the same direction (D468) at the second roundabout and keep going; the entrance to the campsite is to your right.

Coming from Ajaccio (about 2 hours 30 minutes):

Depuis Ajaccio comptez environ 2h30.

Take the N196 highway towards Bonifacio, then towards Porto-Vecchio. Once in town, drive towards Bastia, taking the N198 highway, and at the Trinité de Porto-Vecchio roundabout, turn right towards St Cyprien, and at the second roundabout keep going straight ahead. The Golfo Di Sogno Campsite is to your right after about 1 km.